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Professionalism and flight pleasure will be there

Flight training

Since 1996, Eid Air Aviation, named after the Eider duck, now has 8 planes in Bromont.

History of our flight school in Bromont

Since 1996, the entire Eid Air Aviation team, made up of Mr. André Vadeboncoeur, founder and class 1 chief instructor and several other class 2, 3 and 4 instructors that were trained here, has been there to help you obtain your pilot's license as quickly as possible and to make your time with us a safe, positive and enriching experience.

A professional team, ready to teach you how to fly an aircraft

Flying Lessons Bromont

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Our mission is to make you a professional pilot. From teaching, theoretical courses to practical sessions, we offer you our support and will answer all your questions.

Our benefits


We have been offering flying lessons for over 25 years.


We will respond to all your requests.


We help you improve at your own pace.


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With us, professionalism and flight pleasure will be at the appointment!

Flight Training: Licenses and Qualifications

Looking to :

  • Take an airplane ride;
  • Rent a plane
  • Obtain the coveted pilot's license;
  • Improve your skills as a Private Pilot with an additional night rating, VFR OTT, etc..
  • Start a career as a Commercial Pilot with our Attestation of Collegial Studies (ACS)
  • Complete a qualification (Multi-Engine, IFR or Flight Instructor) that will lead you straight to the aviation job market;
  • At Eid Air Aviation where professionalism and the thrill of flying meet!

We are waiting for you at our flight training center in Bromont

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